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Panic...Praying...God shows His Faithfulness

Recently, I received a panicking text message from my daughter.

Daughter: Please pray I make my flight. I’m on the El (Metro-transit in Chicago) right now and the train is delayed. I thought I had more time, but my extra time is being used up.

Mother: Praying now. Sitting with Homer (her Daddy). Love you and praying.

Daughter: The purple line just came!!! It said thirteen minutes delayed!! Okay we can do this. Keep Praying!! Quick answers! (Editor’s notes: Of course it was quick answers. God didn’t have much time to answer so it had to be quick!)

Mother: Yes, Yes, Yes

(My husband and I kept praying. Lord, we cannot help her. You can. Please help her make this flight to go see her brother’s family. They all need this visit. She knows the airport. She knows the layout so it is all familiar to her.)

Daughter: I’m still ten minutes out!! They start boarding the plane at 4:55. I can’t believe I’m this close. I’m very anxious right now. I need the boarding to be a few minutes late — something!!


Mother: Still praying. Glad this is not your first flight! You know the airport. You can do this.

(Lord, I don’t know how you are going to do this. Keep her strong in You. Help her know You’ve got this. We, her parents, were going to our regular Wednesday night Chick-fil-A dinner. We talked to God all the way to the restaurant. Lord, if she doesn’t make it, we know You have the plans for this day.)

Daughter: I made it!! I don’t know how — I’m sweating and out of breath!

Mother: I LOVE You!! Thank you, LORD! Now we will enjoy our Chick-fil-A knowing you are OK! Relax! You’re going to have a great time. Homer just prayed, Lord, You got her there, now bless her flight! AMEN!

So what happened? God answered PRAYER! God was showing His Faithfulness. I saw it as God just picking her up and putting her on the plane! When we talked about God answering prayer, she told me she had looked at her watch, as she was the last one boarding the plane, and it had been only seven minutes! How did that happen? She doesn’t know how she got from the train to the plane! I know. God picked her up and put her there. You know in the movies when you have the main character literally going through blurry scenes of time? That is like this situation. God just pushed her through. She also reminded me that she couldn’t run. (She had knee repair earlier this year and has not been released to run.)

We laughed and enjoyed the excitement of knowing our Loving God cares about the details of our lives. He truly showed up and showed out by getting her to the plane!

Praise the Lord. He is worthy to be praised! He is Almighty God and He can do this just because He wanted to do it!

Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Lord! Thank you for caring for all the details in our lives and for allowing us to “see” it happen by experiencing Your Presence first hand.

In His Faithfulness….



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