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2021 ... Unexpected Circumstances


2021. . . How are you doing?

I’m always excited about a new year. I remember a saying by Jim Rohn (philosopher of our generation) that “Every new year brings 365 new opportunities.”

WOW! Great perspective. Every day brings new opportunities.

My Daddy loved the Lord. He lived Jesus every day. I have memories of him sitting at his desk “extension” (which was a card table set in front of his little desk) reading his Bible with opened commentaries and different versions of God’s Word. He sought God’s counsel every day.

Some Sunday mornings after his tradition of singing down the hall to wake us up, you could find him re-reading his Sunday school lesson in the living room. He approached every day with a positive perspective and a knowledge that God was going before him to prepare this very day just for him.

We all, my siblings and I, took Sunday afternoon naps growing up. This was the time my Mother and Daddy both took to begin preparing their lessons for the next Sunday. If you start now, this Sunday, preparing for the next one, God can help you see His handy working around you every day. It provided great current illustrations relating to God’s Word. It reminded me that God’s Word was and is relevant today.

Many days I found my Mother sitting in “her chair” as we called it, in her room reading her Bible when I’d get home from school.

My experiences tell me that when I spend time reading the Bible and studying God’s Word every day, the days are so much better. I am filled with His Presence to start my day. My focus is on Him and not on the struggles that my be in current circumstances.

I’m excited about what God wants to teach me this new year.

In His Faithfulnes…

He’s already been teaching me about depending on Him to face each day when I’m in too much pain to get up. He’s been there listening to me as I’ve called to Him to answer prayers by sending me good doctors when I was at Urgent care. He answered prayers with giving me caring EMT’s and Paramedics as I was transported to the hospital.

God sent me a voicemail from a friend thanking me for being there for her Mother in the past weeks. I needed that at that moment when I was in a “holding” room waiting for an Emergency Room assignment.

God sent me caring Nurses. He provided a caring, intentional doctor to watch over my hospital care while I was there. God reminded me He was caring as the team of doctors sent me for tests to find the source of my issues. Techs were great in all rooms where I was sent! Thank you, Jesus.

I was admitted to a semi-private room (only thing they had)! Who was going to be my roommate! Ugh! I was there first and placed by the window. I heard the nurse verify the Lady’s name. Really God? I took a deep breathe of gratitude! She was someone who had known me all my life!! Yes, she was a member of the church where I attended when I was born! Thank you, Lord! She was as grateful as me for a friendly roommate our hospital stay!

My Charge doctor told me she thought my planned trip to the beach (anniversary in the next week) was a good idea and to definitely take the time for R & R (Rest and Relaxation)! So my husband and I did take our trip in early February.

Every charge nurse over my care was kind and listened and helped me stay comfortable. Even the lady who came to discharge me was sent by God. She was a believer who believed in the power of prayer! I know I do believe!

God is already teaching me His complete dependance. He’s giving me opportunities to share His touches.

I look forward to times with family and friends no matter the size of the group in the coming weeks and throughout 2021.

I look forward to encouraging people who cross my paths each day.

I see God doing a new work in my life as I seek to be the best servant leader I can be through studying leadership in a weekly course I’ve joined. I’m listening to those God places in my paths so I don’t miss anything He wants me to hear and do.

You and I now have 313 days, opportunities, left in this year.

This is the day the Lord has made for you. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Yes, this is the day the Lord had made JUST FOR YOU! Every moment counts. Enjoy every moment! His presence is awesome.

In His Faithfulness. . .



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