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Always Faithful

Updated: May 26, 2020

Brandon D. Andrews Photography Mountain and Road View

Routine Saturday afternoon, I’m sitting in my computer room, finishing preparations for the Sunday school lesson for “my Ladies.” I hear, “Claim your website.” No one is around. Again, “Claim your website.” I begin to make excuses with the voice. “It is a common phrase. It’s not going to be there now. I’ve waited too long.” Again I hear the voice say, “Claim your website.” I know this voice. He has been talking to me since I was seven years old. I consent to check the Internet to “prove” it is not available.

I type (drum roll)…..To my surprise, it is available. I laughed aloud, smiled toward the ceiling, and said, “Yes, God! You’ve been waiting on me for a long time. I’ll claim it, but You will have to help me do it. It is Your part of this plan for my life.”

Website claimed. I tried to do it myself, but that is not my forte. So after putting off the inevitable—God has not let this desire be silent—we are HERE!

Welcome to Let me know you are with me. Let’s make this conversation together.

God has so much He wants us to do for Him, and HE is Faithful—always!

In His Faithfulness & Service,

Diane Rose Signature


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