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Broken leg?!

Always Faithful…

Mid-January in the afternoon my phone rang.

I accepted a call from our youngest son. Crying was all I heard on the phone. His wife was pregnant and they had just left her 7-month check-up. The sonogram showed a broken leg. The baby had a broken leg in the womb!

Our daughter (my son’s wife) has Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI). It is sometimes known as “brittle bone disease.” We knew she had a bone disease when she became pregnant, but we didn’t know until then what it was. They were hoping it would not be given to this new little one.

My husband and I started praying for the bone to heal! Three months later we were sitting in Duke University Hospital with doctors and nurses waiting on this “little one” to arrive. A C-section was done. An 11 pound, 2.8 ounce “little boy” was born with NO broken bones!

YES! God is Faithful! God showed up in His Faithfulness. We chose to give our concern to our God who had been faithful through so much. God chose to heal the bone. It was straight, too!

Yes, this little boy does have Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI). You can see it in his eyes which have a beautiful blue background. He has broken his arm only twice in his three short years.

I’m so thankful I can actually see God’s hand in His Faithfulness.



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