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God Showing off His Faithfulness

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

When I got home from work the other day, my husband, Homer, was so excited to tell me about something God had done that morning. As he was eating breakfast, he said, “God, I could really use some rain for my garden.” At that moment he heard the immediate sound of rain. God was showing off His Faithfulness!

Several nights ago, it was raining after our supper. It was a quick, summer “pop-up” shower, and it rained a good thirty minutes or so. I went to the back of the house, and as I looked out to see if it had stopped yet, I noticed it had. AND there were lightning bugs!

Lightning bugs.…God is Faithful! They took me back to many years ago, when I was a young girl in my home one night fussing with God about why I couldn’t “feel” Him in my life. It was a hot summer evening and my bedroom window was open to hopefully offer a brief breeze so I could sleep. I got up and knelt at the window and looked out. I said aloud, “God, I don’t feel you. Yes, I know You’ve taught me in Your Word that my relationship with You is not about feelings. It is about knowing You. Ok. BUT I really need to know You are with me right now.” Suddenly I was startled by a lightning bug! It was raining and they don’t usually show up during the rain. But there he was right in my face, blinking at me! I knew immediately in my heart that God had answered my whining to Him. He was right there with me.

As I continued to look out the window, the rain stopped and there were blinking lightning bugs all over my backyard. God whispered in my heart, “You are like the lightning bug. I’ve placed you in a dark world which doesn’t know Me. You can be My Light to those around you. Do you see how bright it is? Just one Light for Me makes the darkness move.”

I sat there honored to be His daughter and know that I was making a difference in this world just by shinning my little light which comes from knowing Him!

This week when the lightning bugs showed up after the rain in my backyard, I couldn’t help but know that God’s Faithfulness is still with me. He is using me in His way to make a difference daily even if I’m “sheltered-in-place” with family and at work. (My office is open for business but closed to the public. So I am “sheltering-in-place” while I have the privilege to be working.)

Next time you hear the rain or see a lightning bug, pause to say, “Thank you, God, for being faithful to me!”

Lightning bugs remind me that I know God!



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