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How clear is YOUR vision?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

How clear is your vision?

Do you wear glasses? I do. I was told I had a stigmatism in my eyes years ago. It meant to me that everything seemed to have a bit of a blur.

I can see things far away better than up close. As I’ve gotten a bit older, yes, I am getting older I believe (with children and grandchildren and Great-grandchildren I guess that happens) my reading vision is not as clear.

Several years ago I ventured into a pair of tri-focals. Yes, three different progressive lens within the one. It allowed me to see clients coming into my office at a distance. It was important for me to know who I was talking to every day. The middle lens allows me to see my computer while the bottom lens allows me to read items on the desk.

While teaching “my Ladies” as I affectionally call them in my Sunday school class, I realized my vision was getting worse. I thought it due to being tired and a bit stressed with some circumstances I was facing. So I let the Ladies read the Bible passage aloud for me most weeks.

It was Monday before Thanksgiving. My glasses broke at the connection to my frames. I went to the eye center and they didn’t have a part to fix it. Actually they needed to order me new frames since these were no longer in stock. My records with them said I had not been in for a doctor’s review of my vision in over a year. They could not order me new frames with lenses without a “current” prescription. I had been in back in August—three months before. The staff was great. They got me an appointment at lunchtime that day to see the doctor. Holiday events were coming fast and I was planning a trip out of town on Friday.

The eye assistant read the chart and realized I had had the refraction part of the exam in August and after talking with the doctor she was able to get me what was needed from my records. YEAH! I was able to go back to the optical area and get the frames and lens ordered that day. They promised them by Friday before I was leaving town that evening.

I had a call first thing Friday morning that the glass were in! GREAT! I went, got fitted, returned to work and completed my day so I could head out to see my grand baby.

Saturday we played all day. Sunday we got up to go to church. We sang praise songs using the words on the big screens in the front of the sanctuary. It was time for the sermon. I opened my Bible to read the passage. To my surprise the print was larger than I had remembered! I put my finger in the page to hold my spot and closed the Bible to be sure I had mine in my hand. Yes, it was mine. I could see!!

My vision had improved drastically! I just needed new lens to focus on the Words in front of me. I was overjoyed. I can see clearly! YES!

How clear is your vision? I needed not only new frames, but new lens to help me SEE the Words. I couldn’t help but reflect on the truth that sometimes we need to pause and reflect on our own vision.

What lens are you looking through today? Do you need a new focus to see God is at work around you? Do you need a new Word from Him reminding you He is in Control in all circumstances today and tomorrow?

Do you see clearly or dimly as in a mirror (I Corinthians 13:12)?

Do you see through God’s eyes as he fulfills His purpose for you and me (Psalm 57:2)?

Pick up God’s Word today and check your vision.

I was so glad to SEE His Words clearly literally. Emotionally, intellectually, in every way I need to SEE His vision, His daily Words for me.

Check your lens. Are you looking at each day through His Eyes? Things are much clearer when we depend on Him and not our own strengths.

How clear is your vision now?

In His Faithfulness…



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