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Truth: Faithfulness in the Rain

If you follow My statutes and faithfully observe My commands, I will give you rain at the right time, and the land will yield its produce, and the trees of the field will bear their fruit. Leviticus 26:3-4

Have you ever had a juicy, fresh tomato sandwich? I grew up with Grandpuge (my Mother’s father) having some of the best Big Boy tomatoes you’d ever tasted. One slice would cover a full piece of bread. I can remember having tomato sandwiches for every meal while visiting their home during the summer months. Grandpuge had a large garden in his back yard. He’d pick tomatoes in the morning and we would eat them all day. Two slices of white bread, covered with mayonnaise (not salad dressing), preferably Kraft brand, one thick slice of the peeled tomato and a touch of pepper made a perfect sandwich. As you took a bite, it would drip down your elbows letting you know it was juicy and full of flavor.

My husband has traditionally worked a garden in our backyard. He loves cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans and okra. At times he’s done a few other items like green onions, early leaf lettuce, and carrots. He needs the water and the rain to make the garden grow. He is a man whose heart seeks first the kingdom of God. He practices the principles in God’s Word. When he prays for rain, or right after he’s planted, God provides the rain. Yes, you can water the garden with he garden hose, but it is not the same as the rain.

A few weeks ago there were two patches of our yard needing new grass. Homer plowed, planted, and covered with wheat straw. God provided the rain. Again, God’s truths showed up fully in the evidence of His rain on Homer’s yard work, God’s yard which He has given to Homer to be overseer.

Another blessing from the garden are the quarts of tomatoes and beans. When God gave His abundance, Homer has canned beans and tomatoes for us for the winter season. God’s Word is true.

When we need a new freshness in the air, God sends His rain. Yes, there are times when we may want more rain or less rain or comment on the weather in an unsure manner. All -in-all God always shows up on time to bring freshness in our yard. Our flowers offer deep colors. The lilies shine with the brilliance of life as they seem to smile when they bloom. Sometimes there is a tiger lily with its bright orange and black dots. Or there are the bright red lilies down by the corner of our lot. The orange day lilies come through when you are not even looking.

The azaleas have their own pinks and the roses coming in several flavors of reds and pinks. God’s timing, God’s choice for our rain that nourishes comes at the right time with the right amounts. I continue to be awed with the reminder that God is always faithful to His servant Homer and I get to enjoy the moments, too.

When we seek His face, follow His Words, we then appreciate anything and all things that He does for us. We are more attuned to the beauty around us. We are more aware of the Father’s touches in our lives.

God is Faithful. Live in His Faithfulness even in the rain.



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