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Welcome To Our Conversation

Updated: May 30, 2020

Brandon D. Andrews Photography Mountain and Lake side view

I’m Diane. I invite you to come and stay a while as we do this together.

In His Faithfulness. That’s Walking through life together.

It’s Asking questions.

It’s Looking for our Creator’s answers. It’s Listening to others who are walking with us. It’s Dancing to new heights as we find ourselves in the middle of His Faithfulness.

Listening to our Creator’s Words show us how to be in His Faithfulness. Some words are an encouragement. Some will be thought provoking. Still other words will be ones that cut to our heart and make us change our steps. Some words will leave us wanting so much more, while other words will make us want to

run and hide. Some words will offer places for us to grow. Yet all of these words are part of the conversation. We need words that meet us where we are and lead us to change as we become all our Creator created us to be. Join me here and join this conversation through your connections so we come together to learn in His Faithfulness.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Diane Rose Signature



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