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When the Holy Spirit has shown up....

Can't help but be reminded during the past weeks as I have convalesced at home, that I am not alone in my daily walk. God has allowed several past experiences to fill my heart again as I needed encouragement and His personal touch in my physical healing.

Years ago, I was working in my office as a branch administrator. My supervisor had plans outside of the office this particular day. We had a client call who needed to speak to my supervisor before the stock market closed at 4:00. I prayed, "Lord, please "beep" my supervisor and tell him to call the office." (This was years ago BEFORE everyone had phones or pagers.) It was 3:30. Within minutes, he called to see if there was anything I needed from him before the end of the day. My response was, "Thank you so much for answering your beeper." He responded, "I don't have a beeper." "I know but you listened to the Holy Spirit. I asked the Holy Spirit to "beep" you so I could talk with you." God was right there for me.

I was recovering from major surgery--removal and repair--and in my bed most days. This particular morning I looked up at the ceiling and told the Lord I didn't feel like praying.

The phone rang. Someone was praying for us.

The doorbell rang a short time later. Someone was bringing food to take care of my family's needs while I was unable to cook or help with household needs.

My husband had been hit in his car and it was totaled. We purchased a new (used) car for me. I got in to drive away from the car lot. I had not yet learned how to set up my phone music to listen in the car. So I turned on the radio. The song was "God is on the Move" by 7eventh Time Down. I knew God was on the move in my life. I was just blessed with a new car. It is a "MKC" model which I believe stands for "My Kingdom Chariot." Her name is JOY because she brings so much joy in my life. This song became my "theme" song for my car--Joy is what I am to share as I travel in my Kingdom Chariot sharing God's Kingdom wherever He is working or moving in people's lives. Yes, the Holy Spirit again is reminding me of the care and personal concern for details that God has for me, His Daughter.

As we entered this new year, my husband and I observed the Sunday morning worship service by streaming it online. The first song sung for our opening worship was, you guessed it, "God is on the Move!" I may have "lost" the month of December not being able to do anything I had actually planned, but I did have home time and healing time to relax (as much as I could) and seek His Face! The Son of God, Jesus, promised that His Father, God, would send a Comforter for me (and you, if you believe in Him). He provided this song through the preparation of our worship leaders knowing I needed this specific encouragement.

I am so grateful He is Always Faithful even when I don't seem to have the strength to keep going. So wherever you find yourself today, doing whatever you are doing, be sure to stop, Seek His Face, and Pray. He wants to carry you and walk with you through 2021 and beyond! Be sure you know eternity is waiting for us on the other side. Revelation chapters 21& 22 tell us it is a beautiful place prepared for His children.

I'm going to keep listening to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit in my life so I can be ready to enter my eternal home when He comes for me. I pray you know Him, too.

In His Faithfulness...



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